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~ ~ ~ Road Race 2000 ~ ~ ~


The clubs open road races are being held on Sunday 11th June this year on the Helpston - Bainton - Ufford course. There will be 2 events, a morning 80km race starting at 10 am for 4th category riders and the main afternoon event for 2nd and 3rd cat riders over 100km starting at 2 pm. The course is relatively flat with only one hill to be climbed which is halfway round the circuit at Ufford. The circuit is approximately 6 miles long with an extra 3 mile finishing loop. The finish is uphill and is only approached from the finishing direction on the final lap, on all the other laps you will pass through the finish line the wrong way, so it is worth checking out the finish before the race. Also the start is on the same road as the finish not outside the race headquarters which are at Helpston village hall.

In the first event there are three Peterborough CC riders competing wearing numbers 1,2 and 3: Rod Auckland, John Powell and Nick Smith and the highest place of these riders will win a club trophy. Other riders to watch are 3 of last years top ten, No.40 Steve Gutteridge who won the bunch sprint for 4th place, No.42 Keith Boniface and No.9 Bev Roberts who took 9th and 10th places last year. Others who are likely winners are No.14 John Nixon, an extremely good time triallist who once away on his own or in a small group will be hard to catch and No.20 Jason Peake who was one of the top juniors in the country 3 or 4 years ago.

The afternoon race has a field of 51 riders so far with a maximum of 60 being allowed to start. None of last years top 10 finishers have entered for this years event but the field does contain one former winner in No.19 veteran rider Chris Gunter who won the race about 10 years ago. No.1 Kier Maris is the man on form currently ranked 3rd in the 2nd cats with 88 points. Local riders are Tim Duckett and Stuart Lindsay from Fenland Clarion CC. There are only two teams with 3 or more 2nd cat riders they are CC Luton who have a team of four 2nd cats and Bradgate CRT who have 3 including No.6 Ben Eedy who has 70 points. Other riders with many ranking points are No.16 Jamie Fisher with 52 points, No.30 Wayne MAguire with 43 points, No.42 Kial Wright with 41 points and No.31 Jamie Mason with 36 points. (Point scores taken from BCF site on 5th June 2000)

The morning event last year was won by John Richardson from a breakaway group of 3 riders who escaped with a few laps to go using Ufford hill as their attacking point. The judges always like to see a break get away in this race as a bunch sprint of 50 4th cat riders is not the easiest one to judge, so for the judges sake please attack as much as possible and break the field up.

The afternoon race was dominated by a 12 man break which went clear at about the halfway mark. The race was won by Adam Tansey ahead of top local roadman Mark Botteley, neither of these riders will be riding the event this year as they are both now 1st category riders. This race always splits up and usually it is a break of between 6 and 15 riders who escape to contest the finish. Remember as the race is only 100km long points are only awarded to the top 10, so miss the break and you will probably miss out on the points.

1999 2nd/3rd Category Race Result
1st Adam Tansey Zenith CC
2nd Mark Botteley Letchworth Velo
3rd Bill Alcock Sherwood CC
4th Andrew Smallwood Leisure Lakes RT
5th Dave Langlands Fenland Clarion
6th Andrew Swain Melton Olympic
7th Nigel Hay De Montfort Rage On
8th Martin Wainwright Newark Castle CC
9th Martin Hawarth Barton Wheelers
10th Dominic Sweeney Rockingham Forest Wheelers
1999 4th Category Race Result
1st John Richardson Team Lutterworth
2nd J Wakelin Cambridge CC
3rd Daniel Strickson Witham Wheelers
4th Steve Gutteridge De Montfort Rage On
5th ? ?
6th Peter Buttery VC Ashby
7th ? ?
8th Graham Temple St. Ives CC
9th Keith Boniface 34 Nomads CC
10th Beville Roberts Kettering Amateur
1st Lady Alison Ede Fenland Clarion

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